Down At the Border

Lyrics by: The idea for the song came from another gaggle – Marcy Matasick revised it heavily
Gaggle: New Mexico Raging Grannies
Tune: South of the Border, Down Mexico Way
Date Written or Updated: 06/30/2018

Down at the border, it’s shocking to see
human rights violations based on racist policies
It’s inhumane cruelty – let’s stop it today! Hey,
let’s deport Trumpsters! Let immigrants stay!

Folks reach our border in desperate straits
Here they get treated worse than what they fled
and shown such hate!
As if seeking refuge was murderous crime! But,
we know who really should be doing time!

What a barbaric plan for deterrence:
steal their children that they hold so dear
Make them suffer so much that the migrants
would rather die than travel here

Kidnaping children, and jailing them, too
is the Trump policy of state-inflicted child abuse
We must free these babies!
This madness must end!
as for the madman, lock him in a pen!

(ending) Ai-yai-yai-yai we hear their cries!
Ai-yai-yai-yo ICE has to go!