Down In The Valleys – Antiwar Song

Lyrics by: Lynn Chong
Gaggle: New Jersey
Tune: Down in the valley

Down in the valleys, the valleys so low,Hang your heads sadly to know our drones go
Bomb-dropping drones go, dears,
Bomb-dropping drones go.
Hang your heads sadly knowing that our drones go.

Pakistanis love family, Afghanis do too
Angels in heaven know why we’re blue.
Know why we’re blue, dears,
Know why we grannies are blue.
Angels in heaven know we’re wretched and blue.

Mark us a circling space, forty feet wide
So we grannies can lament as war-time goes by.
As war-time goes by, dears,
As war-time goes by
So we grannies can lament as war-time goes by.

Write to our Congress, President too, lines
Telling them, darlings, that you’re not fine
That you’re not fine, dears,
That you’re not fine
With drone attacks killing you are not fine.

The Beast of Kandahar truly’s well named.
Desk-guys in Virginia do launch them and aim.
Do launch them and aim, dears,
Do launch them and aim.
Sad for all families – our remote launch and aim.

Sec. of War Gates wants drones to expand
Hang our heads lower for more bombers unmanned.
Hang our granny heads lower, dears,
For more bombers unmanned as

America evilly pursues new unmanned bombers, blam, blam,

and blam.