Down on Hiroshima (2019)

Lyrics by: Connie Graves and Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: Tucson / North Carolina
Tune: Puff, the Magic Dragon
Date Written or Updated: 2017

Down on Hiroshima, the atomic bomb fell,
And children playing in the sun burned in a living hell!
Shadows of their bodies marked where they had stood,
Imprinted now into the ground of their own neighborhood.

One moment they were playing, the next one they were dead.
As fireballs and hellish heat across them quickly spread.
Toddlers and babies, school-age kids as well,
Incinerated in the blast that few have lived to tell. 

Japanese survivors still suffer the effects,
Their children born who live with scorn from horrid birth defects.
Radioactive fallout dropping from the sky…
In Hiroshima, Nagasaki… thousands more would die. 

It’s to our shame and sorrow that we’re the only ones
Who’ve ever dropped an atom bomb, and just what have we won?
They tell us God is on our side and that our way is right;
When will we learn the simple truth that might does not make right?

It’s time to put the bombs to rest, just make them disappear,
So children living ’round the world no longer live in fear.
The threat of nuclear weapons must be gone forevermore,
So all the world can live in peace. Let’s put an end to war!
Yes, all the world must live in peace. Let’s put an end to war!