Earth Has a Fever

Lyrics by: Nora Freeman
Gaggle: NYC Metro
Tune: Fever

Polar bears are drowning daily,
Glaciers melting everywhere.

Hell on earth is what awaits us

And Congress doesn’t seem to care.

Earth has a fever

Fever like Sandy, fever like a massive drought

New York City, underwater,

May be what it’s all about.


The Koch brothers pay their flunkies

To call it all a lot of bunk

But independent scientists

Insist that they are full of junk.

Earth has a fever

Fever like Katrina, fever like a massive drought

Entire countries, underwater,

May be how it will turn out.


Climatologists from the U.N

Wrote the truth for all to know

But the fossil-foolish lobbies

Don’t like it so it has to go

They’ve got a fever

Fever in the wallet, fever in the bank account

Too much money, in their pockets

That is what it’s all about