Election Promises

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Wabash Cannon Ball

Oh listen to the jingleThe rumble and the roar
As they gird for relection
In this country shore to shore
Hear the mighty rush of their campaign
Explaining that they meant
To keep those promises they forgot
It’s the federal government!
2) They came down from [Ottawa]
One [bright and springlike day]
To shake the hand of you and me
‘So sorry we can’t stay.
‘Please put us back in office.
We’ll get it right this time
We’re fiddling with your pension funds
In case we missed a dime.’
3) Remember when we put them in?
The promises flew ’round
‘Child poverty, no more of that!
Better health care would abound.
But then they started cutting
While they let their cronies feed
Millions turned up missing
While they demonstrated greed.
4) If we vote in the same old bunch
Our memories must be shot
These are the guys who supersized
The way to grab a lot
But for hospitals and schools
They couldn’t spare a dime
Now suddenly, there’s LOTS of cash!
Must be election time!