Ethnic Cleansing American Style

Lyrics by: Nora Freeman
Gaggle: NYC Metro
Tune: House of the Rising Sun

There was a place in New Orleans
Called the Lower Ninth Ward

Black folks in public housing there

Were strong and proud, but poor


When Hurricane Katrina hit

Cars did not abound

But FEMA said it was their own fault

They didn’t get out of town


Katrina breached the levees,

And the floodwaters, in they came

The fate of the Lower Ninth Ward

Will be our eternal shame


Waiting on the rooftops

For help that never arrived

Abandoned by America

So many of them died


Those who got out safely

Want to return and rebuild their lives

But the powers that be have other ideas

With no room for the Lower Ninth


Destroy the public housing

Is what they’re going to do

Replace 4000 units with 800

Sounds crazy but it’s true


They had a public hearing

To make it all look OK

And welcomed their black neighbors with

Tasers and pepper spray


Ethnic cleansing of New Orleans

Is terribly crystal clear

Just like Darfur and Bosnia

Yes, it is happening here