Everlasting Hells of Nursing Home Care

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Everlasting Hills of Oklahoma

If extended care is in your futureA long-term way to get the help you need
Find a way to put loss behind
Independence swapped for peace of mind
First investigate the heck out of those you find
The everlasting hells of nursing home care!
2)You know the horror stories from the papers:
Seniors tied to chairs, drugged in their beds
Substandard buildings, icky food
Uncredentialed, that ain’t good
Too bad some folks don’t do as they should
The everlasting hells of nursing home care!
3) Look into the alternatives around us
Co-operative inventions with a cook
Joint ownership in a comfy space
Shared common rooms with a gentle grace
If you think it through and don’t make haste
You can escape the living hells of nursing home care!
4)With help from you and I, this will be history
Bad nursing homes forever closed and gone
Inspections done, standards enforced
Individuals respected, none coerced
The pain in all our senior’s lives reversed!
Heaven can be the word for nursing home care!