Feminist Environmentalists

Lyrics by: Pachamama
Gaggle: Raging Grannies Action League
Tune: She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain
Date Written or Updated: 04/22/22

Acknowledging Kay Thode of the Seattle Raging Grannies original version “Radical Environmentalists” and other versions elsewhere on this site.

Oh we’re feminist environmentalists,

Yes we’re feminist environmentalists

We like clean air and clear water

Keep our BAY-lands in good order

Oh we’re feminist environmentalists


Bring us solar, bring us hydro, bring us wind

Bring us energy from sources that won’t end

So get out and tell the others

That the earth is still our mother

Join with feminist environmentalists


Oh, we’re feminist environmentalists, 

Yes, we’re feminist environmentalists,

Though we’re old we will keep marching

We will stop the patriarchy


Cuz we’re feminist environmentalists!