Flint Water Atrocity

Lyrics by: Nora Freeman
Gaggle: NYC Metro
Tune: Love Me Tender

An unelected managerIn Flint, Michigan
Switched its source of water to
The filthy River Flint
Drinking water full of lead
And Legionnaire’s disease
Saved the town a bit of dough
The governor was pleased
Most residents of Flint are black
So they don’t really count
Their city’s debts must be repaid
Their rights, the state could flout
The governor apologized
To Flint and all the land
Lead poisoning and early death
Were not what he had planned
Or so he claimed, but history
Tells a different tale
The manager and governor’s staff
Revealed it in emails
The people wrote and called and went
To meetings by the score
Toting jugs of water foul
But they were black and poor
These people now have dire needs
To meet them it will cost
Lead poisoning won’t go away
There’s so much they have lost
They need special ed services,
And ongoing healthcare
Flint’s debts are now more than repaid
The state must pick up its share.