Flip-Flop McSally! You’re Screwed!

Lyrics by: Lee
Gaggle: Tucson
Tune: Man on the Flying Trapeze

(starting note is A below middle C)
O-oh she flips her mind with the greatest of ea-ease!

Flip-Flop McSally thinks somehow that she-e’s

a-ble to break promises on a whim

and the coming ele-ec-tion….. she can still win.


If Flip-Flop McSally had conscience or heart

the Dreamers could count on her doing her part.

We’ll have to help her learn that all her actions

do have effects upon her e-lec-tion.


So Flip-Flop McSally…… we will not stop

’til we make damned su-ure your campaign’s a flop!

We’ll stand by the Dreamers and their fam’lies too

so that e-lec-tion winners (slow and loud)—> will not include you!