Food For Thought

Lyrics by: Halton Grannies
Gaggle: Halton
Tune: Abide With Me

What am I eating?I don’t really know.
No one will tell me.
I think it’s GMO
Farmers are groowing
Strange and tainted food
What is it doing?
They don’t have a clue.
2) Cross-pollination
Screwing up the works
Monsanto’s chuckling
They all think we are jerks
Counting their profits
Rub their hands in glee
Soon there’ll be nothing left
That’s GM free.
3) Governments help them
Funding their research
Their reputation’s super
Weeds besmirch
Who really cares about
Our children’s health?
Or is it just about
Amassing wealth?
4) We can fight back
Organic local food
Write to your MPs
Tell them what is good.
Avoid disaster
Act before it comes
Stand firm for safe food
Show them we’re not dumb.