For Immigrants

Lyrics by: Marcy Matasick
Gaggle: New Mexico
Tune: Londonderry Air (Oh Danny Boy)

Listen with heart, you’ll hear their voices callingThe refugees who flee from tyranny
victims of war, of terror and of cruelty
They call to us: to our humanity

So raise your voice, in chorus for the immigrants
for all the Dreamers, and for all their kin
Let’s put an end to demonizing innocents!
Don’t let our politics disrupt their lives again

We sing for all those needing sanctuary
We sing for all who want equality
we welcome them as members of our citizenry
We sing for them, and all humanity

So raise your voice, in song for Lady Liberty!
who raised her lamp in welcome at our shore
Because compassion made this nation strong and free
we’ll never turn our backs, we’ll never shut the door!