Lyrics by: Sue Gracey
Gaggle: Boxton
Tune: Home on the Range

We once had a home
Where our family could come
To laugh and to cry and to play,
But along came the crash,
We were left without cash,
And our home was taken away.

Taken away! Our home was taken away.
We CAN’T be bailed out
‘Cause we don’t have the clout
To get CONgress to hear what we say.

The rich have their jets,
And they hedge all their bets,
And THEY never WILL see the day
When they’re down on their luck
And have lost their last buck
And their HOMES are taken away.

Taken away, their homes won’t be taken away.
They’ll all be bailed out
‘Cuz they’ve GOT lots of clout
And CONgress will hear what they say.

Now most of us know
When the rich run the show
The POOR are the first ones to pay.
But it NEVer stops there,
So we’d all better care
Or we ALL will be singing someday:

Taken away! Our homes have been taken away.
We can PAY for some war
That we didn’t vote for,
But our homes have been taken away.