Gender Rights Are Human Rights

Lyrics by: Sunny Armer
Gaggle: WOWW
Tune: Solidarity Forever

Raging Grannies were assigned as girls, though it could be some were not.
We recognize that gender can have many different slots.
We need transgender voices to inform us what is what.
Gender rights are human rights.

No more insults, no more slander!
No more right-wing propaganda!
Our bodies are our own, and we decide where we belong.
Gender rights are human rights.

Not all trans folks have surgery; transition’s where they start.
Heterosexists say they just like rearranging body parts.
Their outsides may look different, but inside their same old hearts
Gender rights are human rights.

They know what clothes they want to wear, so give them a fair chance.
Trans women may change from pants to skirts, trans men from skirts to pants.
They choose to lead or follow or go solo when they dance.
Gender rights are human rights.

Grammar causes problems that we must try to erase.
She and he are not the only pronouns for the human race.
Gender isn’t binary, let’s each choose our own case.
Gender rights are human rights.

Public bathrooms cannot be a truly private place.
Bigots say that trans folks’ plumbing ought to match their face.
Gender-neutral bathrooms would be the safest space.
Gender rights are human rights.

The Nazis killed transgender folks; extremists do it still.
Even now some governments demand that they be killed.
In New York we can organize to pass the GENDA bill*
Gender rights are human rights.