Genetically Modified Organisms

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: RochesterSoFloNorth Carolina
Tune: Yellow Rose of Texas

When I sit down for breakfast

I look into my bowl

Expecting to see corn flakes

But instead I see a… [spoken] genetically modified organism.


And when I take my lunch break

I eat a BLT

But instead of eating lettuce

I’m surprised to find a… [spoken] genetically modified organism


At supper time I’m ready

For grandma’s hearty stew

So you can just imagine

My reaction to these… [spoken] genetically modified organisms.


We don’t want to be eating

Monsanto’s GMOs.

We want the right to choose what’s good,

‘Cause heaven only knows

What GMOs will do to us,

And to our Grandkids, too.

So we say label all our food!

We’re tired of getting screwed!


[Alternate last lines for the meek: “Give GMOs the boot!” or “It’s up to me and you.”]