Geriatric Sex

Lyrics by: Victoria Grans
Gaggle: Victoria
Tune: Lili Marlene

We’re sixty and we’re sexyAt least that’s what we hear
From programs seen on Tv
And talk shows on the air
Even magazines give coy advice
With graphics that are not quite nice
To tell us that at sixty
We’re as sexy as can be!
2) We’re seventy and sensual
Although it doesn’t show
Geriatric experts say
That we’re all aglow
At last we’ve come under passion’s spell
Don’t look too close. It’s hard to tell
We’re seventy and sensual
As sexy as can be!
3) We’re eighty and we ought to
No time to put things off
No excuses like, ‘I’m breathless,
‘Exertion makes me cough!
Now we’ve got fires we never knew
We’d like to light, our lover’s too
At eighty that’s not easy
Though we’re sexy as can be!
4) We’re ninety and we’re naughty
Now we’re really fired
Having sex since sixty
No wonder that we’re tired
Experts who write in magazines
May still be feeling, full of beans
But when we reach one hundred
W’re damn well going to sleep!