Get Trigger Happy!

Lyrics by: Jan Harwood
Gaggle: Santa Cruz
Tune: Get Happy

You’re mad at Mama, get trigger-happyJust get on board with the NRA
Your boss is dumb and your job is crappy
But your Glock will blow them all away.

Get out your AK-47
When there’s a traffic jam ahead
You’ll send the righteous folks to heaven
And the bad guys will be cold and dead.

You DON’T need any PERmit
Just BUY a gun at the show
There’s THOUsands of choices

You want to TEACH kids at school a lesson
You say they’re treatin’ you like a fool?
Just pack your LUNCH with your Smith &
Wesson You’ll SHOW ‘em you are righteous cool.

I bet your Dad has an old  revolver
He keeps it up on the pantry  shelf
So take down that old problem-solver
But beware that you don’t shoot yourself.

Now when you see an endangered species
Load up your Luger’s magazine
The critters litter the woods with feces
Those wolves and cougars are  obscene!

Your little brother is a nuisance
Mother always liked him best
It’s easy enough to off him
Like any other pest.

Forget your worries, get trigger-happy
Buy a piece from Amazon-dot-com
Solve all your problems, and make it snappy
It’s your own private atom bomb!