Getting to Know Them

Lyrics by: Nora Freeman
Gaggle: NYC Metro
Tune: Getting to Know You

Getting to know themGetting to know all about them
Getting to wish we’d never heard of their name
They say they’re a “party” but this party’s no fun
There are so many frightening things
That the Tea Party brings
To our world!

Denial of science,
Like legitimate rapists
Who can’t make a baby, if gals would only resist
And planetwide warming’s a fantasy of Al  Gore’s
And lots of others, too many to note
They keep trying to shove down our throats
There’s no way!

What can we do now
With our terrible knowledge
Stand up and protest, like never before
Like Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring, and Wisconsin
Let’s use our First Amendment rights
Or else watch them vanish from sight
Now’s the time!