Glad To Reycle My Lunch

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Jesus Loves Even Me

The time of all green things has come to our land
We’re all pretty stoked since there’s something to hand
That we can do, not just worry and weep
We can do them today before going to sleep!
I am so glad to recycle my lunch
I’ve got a hunch
There is a bunch
Of things like this I can do everyday
Watch me recycle away!
2) My grandma had sayings about how things go
Taking stitches in time, counting chickens and so
I know the old ways taught recycling long
Before I was born and was singing this song!

I can fill boxes with bottles and cans
Not toss them out
There is no doubt
That if we all recycled our things
We’d hear our planet sing
3) O those old sayings, so many I know
About being thrifty wherever I go
The wisdom of old times can help us today
Yet recyclings a word I did not hear them say
I am so glad our elders were wise
Knew that life comes
In all sorts of size
Didn’t have much
But learned to make do
Lessons for me and you