Globalization We Love You

Lyrics by: Victoria Grans
Gaggle: Victoria
Tune: Oh What A Beautiful Morning

(Note – This song is sarcastic. Wearing those dollar store false noses would work well here)
There’s a bright golden future for business
It’s like every day will be Christmas
Profits soaring sky high when we get M-A-I
And guess who will get the best share of the pie?


Gobalization we love you
You make our tiny hearts glow
No more of those petty restrictions
Blocking that lovely cash flow

2) All you running shoe workers are lazy
You must think that your bosses are crazy
We’re not going to pay you to pee twice a day
That’s a privilege easily taken away


3) Since they brought in agreements like NAFTA
We are shifting our assets- we hafta
If we want to keep on the top of the heap
Our motto has gota be – go where it’s CHEAP!