Good News About Aging

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: I’m A Rambler and a Gambler

Start With Chorus: Call me Senior, Call me OldsterCall me Nanna or Gran
Call me Elderly Person – that’s not ALL I am
Inside I am young – maybe younger than you!
Becoming somebody, (still finding out WHO)

v2) Yes, I’m over 50 and older I grow
I never stop learning – there’s lots more to know
I’ve got time to listen, if you need to tell
Somebody, sometime, when you’re going through hell

v3) So ‘Sonny,’ or ‘Honey,’ you have here today
Some white heads, some bent heads & some turning grey
But the spirit inside is still raring to go!
It’s the secret of aging, I want you to know!
Chorus again