Governmental Righteousness

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Tarrytown

How can we questionGovernment?
When they tell us
They’re heavensent?
God tells them what
They have to do
They simply pass That Word
To me & you!

Chorus: Wide & Deep
Their bullshit lies
Used to recruit our young
To go & die

V2) Big business says
They’re clean & pure
Without their help
We’d all be poor
So just accept
Their snazzy plans
And place our little futures
In their hands!

Chorus Wide & Deep
Their bullshit lies
More subtle than
We ever realize

V3) Protest’s passe,
The critics say,
Sit down! Shut up!
We’re shown the way
By government
And corporate voice.
Stop telling people they
Have got a choice!

Chorus: Wide & deep
Their bullshit lies
And they make sure
It comes in every size!