Granny Glare

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: When You Wore A Tulip

Do grannies have power?when things have gone sour?
And we’re out on the protest line?
What makes folks listen?

Get out there and FIX things?
Could be your granny glare  – and mine
When raising our children
As mothers, we all learned

That, ‘what-are-you-up-to stare
Now we’ve got it perfected
Let ’em know what’s expected
Use your great little granny glare! [take a minute and everyone glare]

v2) If public opinion
Should censor their actions,
Glaring might be the thing to do  [like syncronized swimmers- periodic]
Purse up your lips
And look disappointed,

Blotted their copybook?
Give ’em that granny look
That, ‘Stop-It-At-ONCE – my dear!’

Grannies aren’t defenceless
We’ve got all our great songs
And our disapproving – [speak] (Cut-it-out, ‘What On EARTH? You aren’t going anywhere!) GLARE!