Gulf Wars

Lyrics by: Connie Graves
Gaggle: Tucson
Tune: Sloop John B

GULF WARS (tune“The Sloop John B”)
We fought in the first Gulf War,
invaded a foreign shore
in a coalition approved by the U.N.
Missiles falling all night,
not much of a fight,
well, we came and conquered,
watched it on CNN    

     Petty and wasteful war.
     What were we fighting for?
     Kuwaiti freedom from Saddam Hussein
     and of course all the oil
     in their desert soil. (Yeah, yeah)
     The quick U.S. slam dunk
     let most troops come back home.

But depleted uranium
in missiles for Desert Storm,
spread radioactive dust throughout the land.
Poison out of the sky,
many thousands will die,
“Dante’s Inferno”
they cannot withstand.

     A genocidal war,
     what were we trying for?
     Testing our own weapons of mass destruction,
     never used before
     in case of world war. (Yeah, yeah)
     We were so successful,
     vets got Gulf War Syndrome!.

Now we’re still in Iraq,
the neocons sent us back
to keep the whole world safe from WMD,
not to mention the oil,
it makes my blood boil….
The U.S. is drowning
in this lunacy.

     Imperialistic war,
     what are we fighting for?
     Hidden Iraqi weapons of mass destruction
     that never were there….
     lies from thin air…. (Yeah, yeah)
     We’ve got to stop the fighting,
     and bring the troops home!