Guns and Bombs

Lyrics by: Nora Freeman, NYC Metro Raging Grannies
Gaggle: NYC Metro
Tune: This Old Man

Guns and bombs, nukes and tanks,Mean lots of money in the bank
For KBR and Boeing too,
Who foots the bill? It’s me and you!

Back in 1991,
The Iron Curtain came crashing down.
No more big bad enemy,
No need for nukes and tanks you see.

All that cash, ours to spend,
Was known as the peace dividend.
We’d use it for schools and healthcare,
To be fair, the wealth to share.

Environmental cleanup too,
That bill was long overdue,
But it was just a dream because
America must have its wars.

War on terror, war on drugs,
The whole world thinks that we are thugs,
Let’s stop all this insanity
And make the dream reality.