Harper Proroguing Parliament – 2 songs

It wasn’t much of a government
But it was all we had
It was all we had, boys,
It was all we had
And now it’s gone on holidays
(That Harper’s quite the lad)
And we’ve got no parliament to carry on!

Done kept this kind
Done stood behind
This government too long
No results I’ve seen
I’m no longer keen
Done with these fools
Play by the rules
Let’s tattle to the Queen
Find a better P.M. now to carry on!

White Wings
(as in: White wings, they never grow weary, they carry me cheerily over the sea. Night falls, I long for you dearly, I’ll spread out my white wings and sail home to thee).

Harper – he shut down our parliament
We’ve got no government till he comes back
Governor – General’s silent
Let’s call an election and dump this rat pack

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