Have We Changed Anything?

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: What A Friend We Have In Jesus

Protest – just a fad that passes?Or, activist, your whole life through
Is it time to be a leader?
Won’t a follower always do?

Will we see change in our lifetime?
Who remembers that we care?
History already tells us
That it mattered we were there.

2) I have seen it with my own eyes
In my neighbourhood, my town,
On TV and in the papers
Politicians backing down

Misdeeds and corruption routed
I can name you time and place
When our world succumbed to justice
We were there to set the pace

3) Goodie, goodie, we can rest, then?
Not so fast, my grannie friend
While there’s life and breath within us
The same causes come again

Vigilant in every corner
Laughing at the darkest foe
In our flowered hats, still singing
‘In and through the world we go!