Hey Big Spender

Lyrics by: Lee Stanfield
Gaggle: Tucson
Tune: Hey Big Spender
Date Written or Updated: 5172018

(starting note is G  -or F sharp-?  below middle C)

Now if you take corporate dough, ...(pause & do hip booms to the left , then right.. to a drumbeat)

even though you might tell us you’re on our si-ide!

Uh Uh! Honey!  (shaking our heads & one finger indicating No)

We’ve already been on that ri-ide!

If you expect to get votes (boom, boom) from all us workin’ folks

then keep one thing in mi-ind (hold up one finger)


is how we got so far behind! (pause and then shout)–>  SO DON’T !

We want to know  where you stand…(boom, boom). on the issues

like H R  six seven six!

That’s Improved Medicare for All

the  one way our health care can be fixed! (pause and then shout)–>  FOR GOOD!

And where do ya’ stand o-on guns?… (boom, boom) We are done

with those who think their campaign funds

are more important than

the li-i-ives of our daughters and so-ons!

So if you’re really true blue(boom, boom) a real progressive

then the least that you must doo-oo

is give up corp’rate money

and fight for single pa-ayer too!

IF YOU WANT OUR VOTES! (pause slightly & then do one hip boom to the left)