Hey Hey, What’s Going On? (Anti-coal version)

Lyrics by: Linda Schmoldt
Gaggle: Portland (OR)
Tune: Hey Ho Nobody Home
Date Written or Updated: 10/2013

Hey! Hey! What’s going on?
Things are going awfully wrong…

We have got to get together.
Hey! Hey! We can do better.

Shame! Shame! when we don’t stand
against the wrongs across our land…Repeat Chorus

Here’s a cause that needs supporting
There shouldn’t be any coal exporting…Repeat Chorus

Our government is selling us out
About this scam we need to shout…Repeat Chorus

Dirty coal in the ground should stay
Diggin it up’s too much to pay…Repeat Chorus

Corporate greed is killing us all
Most corporations need to fall…Repeat Chorus

They’re sending coal across our land
Spreading coal dust as fine as sand…Repeat Chorus

Shipping coal to China makes us cuss
Bad for them and bad for us…Repeat Chorus

Using less energy is a start
renewable sources the better part…Repeat Chorus

Final Verse and Chorus Sing as a Round – sing 2 X (1st grp hold last note)

Here’s a cause that needs supporting
We don’t want any coal exporting…Repeat Chorus as part of the round