High Crimes and Misdemeanors (Impeach Trump)


Cheat and scam to get elected
then you profit off the presidency
And collude with enemies
Plain to see:
High crimes and misdemeanors!
Violate our Constitution
abuse your power,
cover up your crimes
Besides obstructing justice
That’s why it’s impeachment time!
High crimes and misdemeanors!
Most corrupt president in our history
Who’d have thought one could be worse than Forty-Three?
So you think you are above the law, never to fall:
Wait ‘til they haul you away to prison!
We, the elders of our people
call for justice:
Listen to our wisdom!
Criminals must be removed
Prosecute: high crimes and misdemeanors!
Rule of law must be respected
Put an end to the kleptocracy!
Uphold our Constitution!
And restore democracy!
High crimes and misdemeanors!
Impeach and prosecute him!
Convict, and lock him up right NOW!

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