Hiroshima Remembered

Lyrics by: Chris Carlson
Gaggle: North Carolina
Tune: Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley

Hang down your head, U.S.A.,
Hang down your head in shame.
Thousands died in Hiroshima
And you’re the one to blame.

Hang down your head, U.S.A.,
You devastated with a BOOM!
This time in Nagasaki
You created another tomb.

Today we cage the children
Of countries we don’t like;
Tear them from their parents’ arms
Because their skin’s not white,

Our bombs and white supremacy:
All must disappear
So people living ‘round the world
Won’t have to live in fear.

The U. S. A. can lift its head
When they put an end to war.
Yes, everyone can live in peace
When we study war no more.