Homeless – where is their warm?

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: 500 Miles

When we think of our homesWe think warm and we think peace
We think comfortable soft beds to li-ie down
While outside winter storms, winter winds lash the streets
Where the bodies of the homelss willbe found
Where is their warm?
Where are their beds?
Where is their peace (where is their peace?)
Limousines pa-rk where the homeless died.
2) It is a lie that our streets
Are the homes of CHOICE to some
Who would otherwise have warm & peaceful rooms
They are the poor, they are the weak,
They are the sick, they are the lost
They are our brothers and our sisters in the cold
3) Drop a quarter, maybe more
In a can or hat or hand
Then we go-o on our way to our homes
When we need a little RAGE
Take some courage, take a stand
There’ll be no more homeless dying in our town.