How Can We Trust Politicans?

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Frankie and Johnny

(Insert your own broken promises where the brackets are)
That idiot man is our leader
Promised [no cutbacks to schools}
Promised [no cutbacks to healthcare]
Well, now we sure look like fools!
We elected him. And he done us wrong.

2) How can you trust politicans?
If they will not keep their word?
Like when he said [disability’s safe].
And then he says that we misheard!
Don’t expect trust
When you done us wrong.

3) We’re too civilized to go shootin’
Too Canadian to be rude
But there’s a few things in politics
That we want understood
Protect The Weak
Better Keep Your Word

(Then – different individuals sing each phrase)
We’ll be watchin’ you
Don’t be doin’ us wrong
We’ll be takin’ notes
Better keep your word.