How Canadian Women Got The Vote!

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Open Up Your Heart and Let The Sunshine In

(This song helps you remember the names of the 5 women who got the vote and a statue on parliament hill. It works well with a stuffed granny to throw around).
In 1928 Canadian persons all were men – (??) (Stop & look dumbfounded, then start again, more vigourously)
In 1928 Canadian persons all were men
Their wives were their possessions and they had no standing then
They couldn’t vote, own property
Their lives their husbands ran
Till five brave women thought they’d better
Take this thing in hand.

CHORUS: Irene Paralbe, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Louise Mackenny,
Emily Murphy, and there was Nellie McClung
Names that should be sung
We owe our personhood to what these 5 have done.
v2) In 1929 they went to England where they asked
Privvy counsel to decide a law would soon be passed
Declaring women now to be full persons with all rights
(I have to say, my dears, theirs was the best of fights!


v3) What are we doing with the rights
For which they fought and won?
Are we voting? Holding office?
What can we say we have done?
Do we stand up striong and speak our minds
When troubles on the way?
I’d like to think their work was not in vain, today!