How PTSD Works – You Can Handle It!

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: They Call The Wind Mariah

HOW PTSD WORKS – You Can Handle It(From years of personal experience)

(Tune: They Call The Wind, Moriah)
1) Horror’s picked itself a name
Though it’s been around for ages
Post Trauma Stress Disorder is
Our label for the rages
But it’s normal
It’s normal
When you understand, it’s normal

2)A crisis situation calls
For you to start reacting
When trauma comes
Emotions get
All mixed up in the action
Its surge, the biggest faction

3) The body does what bodies do
When they’re in stress and combat
It shoots the energy through you
To give you strength to do it
The body
The body
PTSD’s the body

4) What happens when you’re under stress
You finally learn to figure
And what events you should avoid
Because they’ll be a trigger
You’ll see them
The stressors
Understanding will get bigger

5) There is no shame in readying
To fight a major battle
When all around you, no one else
Has even heard a rattle.
No guilty
You learn to handle surges

6) Not just soldiers home from war
But mothers, drivers, family
The beast’s inside us all but we
Can learn to tame it readily
We’re in charge
We’re in charge
Taming the beast will happen