How U.S. Women Got the Vote

In seventeen seventy-six American persons were white men.
Their wives were their possessions. Women had no standing then.
They couldn’t vote, own property. Their lives their husbands ran.
Till brave women thought they’d better take this thing in hand.



Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton,
Ida B. Wells, and Lucy Stone
Names that should be sung. They gave us personhood.
We sing out now our thanks for what they’ve done.


In eighteen hundred forty-eight, they went to Seneca Falls,
That’s where they did declare, that women are people too.
It took ‘til nineteen twenty before we got those rights
I have to say that the-irs was the best of fights!



What are we doing with the rights for which they fought and won?
Are we voting? Holding office? What can we say we’ve done?
Do we stand up strong and speak our minds when trouble’s on the way?
I’d like to think their work was not in vain today!


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