Lyrics by: Lee Stanfield
Gaggle: Tucson
Tune: California Girls
Date Written or Updated: 07/03/18

There’s a secret some candidates do not want you to kno-o-ow.

H R six seven six is a bi-ill that will…. save you lots and lots of dough!

It’s the on-ly health care bill that’ll co-ver ev’ry-o-o-one

for one hun-dred per-cent of ev-er-y-thing….with out-of-pock-et costs of NONE!

            The av’rage vo-ter who’s not a mill-ion-ai-ai-aire

            will save between four and nine thou-sand doll-ars a year!

Ber-nie San-ders’ bill leaves out those need-ing long-term ca-a-are.

Mak-ing el-der-ly and the dis-abled stay under Med-i-caid is not fair.

Med-i-caid is state-run and for you to qual-i-fy-y-y

you must be pen-ni-less and the state takes your home when-ev-er you fine’ly die!

            H R six seven six leaves no one ou-ou-out!

            But to get it passed we all must scream n’ shout!

That’s ’cause the ne-o-li-ber-al and right wing can-di-da-a-ates

are funded by for-pro-fit health in-sur-ance…. that we all know is third rate!

They come up with pho-ny plans that may sound good at fi-ir-irst.

Don’t be fooled be-cause there’s o-on-ly one…. that real-ly won’t rob your purse!

            De-mand that an-y can-di-date on your li-i-ist         

            must pledge to fight for H R six seven si-i-ix !

            H R six seven six is real health care!

            It will make our health care sys-tem fair!

            H R six seven si-ix…. that’s the one

            It’s up to all of us to get it done!

            SO DEMAND IT………. NOW!