I Want to Be a Corporation

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: North Carolina
Tune: Get Me to the Church On Time

I want to be a corporation,Then how those profit bells will chime!
I’ll be a person
Who makes our country worsen,
And for taxes I won’t pay a single dime.

When I’m a full-fledged corporation,
I’ll break the law and not get fined.
I’ll buy the Supreme Court,
They’re my best cohorts,
My pals and my partners in crime.

If I really were a corporation
I’d buy all the candidates, you bet,
I’d fix all the voting
Oh, how I’d be gloating
While pulling strings on my elected marionettes.

If I were a giant corporation,
I’d send all our jobs right overseas.
I’d lead the cheering
For war profiteering,
And sell bombs to any country that I please.

Hey, out there, people are you listenin’?
They say that business is too big to fail.
But we’re the 99%
We’ll get together and dissent,
And put those greedy bastards all in jail.