If You Don’t Have Soldiers

Lyrics by: Maddy McDowell
Gaggle: Boston
Tune: On Top of Old Smokey

If you don’t have sailors, you cannot sailIf you don’t have jailers, you cannot jail
If you don’t have soldiers, you cannot have war
So tell me my brothers, what we’re waiting for?

We cannot shoot missiles, if missiles aren’t made
We work in those factories, from need to be paid
We serve in the army – there’s no other job
Except Halliburton, and others who rob.

If Wall Street’s your address and you cannot trade
You’ll find the slave labor, or go and invade
We’ll not be the small pawns, in this terrible game
Lie down on the chess board, refuse to be tame.

If THEY don’t have sailors, they cannot sail
If THEY don’t have jailers, they cannot jail
If THEY have no soldiers, we’ll NOT HAVE WAR
And civilization can try it once more.