Indian Point Must Go!

Lyrics by: Sunny Armer
Gaggle: NYC MetroWOWW
Tune: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

Indian Point Must Go!
Tune: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

We went to an NRC meeting.
What we sang they did not want to hear:
Don’t dare to extend this plant’s license
By even as much as one year.

Yes, Entergy promises safety,
But sometimes their sirens don’t blow,
And tritium leaks are polluting
So Indian Point has to go!

No nukes,
No nukes,
Indian Point has to go
Right now!
No nukes,
No nukes,
Yes Indian Point has to go!

This plant is unsafe for employees
But we don’t want anyone fired.
Retrain them for alternate energy
And make sure that they get rehired.

This plant is a terrorist target.
Why not use much less toxic fuels?
Convert to a natural gas plant!
Secure those nuclear waste pools.


The route for our evacuation
Won’t work! We can’t get out of town!
What good are clogged roads for escapin’
If Indian Point does melt down?

Our State DEC made a ruling
Hot water kills too many fish.
If Entergy can’t build new coolers,
Relicensing plans should be squished.

SPOKEN: Then we Grannies will get our wish!


Shut it down!
Shut it down!
Indian Point is unsafe, we know!
Shut it down!
Shut it down!
Indian Point has to go!

This song was inspired by “Cleanup Hanford” by Kay Thode of the Seattle Raging Grannies. The subject of the verse about retraining employees was added at suggestion of Pete Seeger when he sang an earlier version of this song with three Raging Grannies gaggles at a festival in 2007. Some of us sang another version to a meeting of the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) and the Entergy Corporation, owner of the Indian Point nuclear power plant in New York.