Insist On A Condom

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Tennessee Waltz

(Two at a time can take turns waltzing while the rest sing with condoms pinned on their hats)
I’ve got you a condom
I want you to wear it
We don’t need a baby today
The Creator has given
Us good brains for using
When our love gets us feeling, ‘that way.’
v2) A condom’s a blessing
A little life saver
You can call it a gift from above
If you use them
And wear them
The creator designed them
To help when expressing your love
V3 If a man won’t
wear condoms
Then he isn’t thinking
About what you both need to do
If he loves you
He’ll wear one
It’s that plain and simple
And you’ll know his sweet words
Are all true
v4) A baby has its right
To time and attention
Costs money to give him good food
And wearing a condom
Is all about babies
And bringing them into this world
v5)So don’t pay attention
To those who don’t get it
It’s your body, your life to live
Insist on a condom
Be sure that he’s donned one
And then you’ll have your love to give!
6)P.S. There’s diseases
You must know the AIDS virus
is active and deadly today
Thank heaven, for condoms
The smart folks who use them
That’s love in the very best way!