It Ain’t Necessarily So

Lyrics by: Marcy Matasick
Gaggle: New Mexico
Tune: It Ain’t Necessarily So
Date Written or Updated: 09/30/2021

Our courts are all fair, don’t you know?
The talking heads all tell us so
Though corporate media
would like to mislead ya,
it ain’t necessarily so!

Now Mitch has been packing the courts
to make it a crime to abort
And all the Republicans
just want to drub women –
crushing our rights is a sport

So judge Amy Coat-hanger Barrett
was rammed through regardless of merit
‘cause she was selected to betray her sex
You can bet she’s as ruthless as Brett

We thought we were safe under Roe
but Texas has dealt it a blow
Now more GOP states are racing to duplicate,
seeing how low they can go

It’s all about punishing females
just look at the Texas law’s details
the law is designed to make health care a crime
and give absolute power to males

The freedoms and rights that we know,
just ain’t necessarily so
Cuz what they are brewing will be our undoing
We’re safer in old Mexico