It’s a Grand Old Tea Bag

Lyrics by: Sunny Armer
Gaggle: WOWW
Tune: You’re a Grand Old Flag

It’s a sad old flag,
And it looks like a rag

When the Tea Party waves it around.

“Take our country back”

Is their mad attack.

We’re holding our flag upside down.

That means S.O.S.

For our nation’s distress

When they say “Muslims have no rights.”

They yell and shout, and some freak out.

We can argue, but be polite!

“Evolution’s a joke,

Climate change is a hoax,”

Yell the folks who admire Glenn Beck.

“Health care benefits

Are for socialists,”

But they still want their Medicare checks.

Our president’s birth

In Hawaii, on earth

Is a fact, but they don’t agree.

Let’s dump teabaggers overboard

And stand up for real liberty.