I’ve Always Paid My Taxes

Lyrics by: Jan Harwood
Gaggle: Santa Cruz
Tune: Yellow Rose of Texas

I’ve always paid my taxesI paid them right on time
I never even cheated–
I coughed up every dime.
But now I know my money goes
Straight over to Iraq
For bombs and tanks and missiles

I used to think my taxes went
For things that made us great–
Like foreign aid and health care
and the grand affairs of state.
But now I know they’re spending it
To kill folks I don’t hate,
Including our own soldiers
Who deserve a better fate!

When I pay this year’s taxes
I’m gonna hold some back
And tell the IRS the truth
To help explain the lack.
It may not save my skin ‘cause
They’re not known for cutting slack
But I’ll feel good cause I am
on a true and righteous track.

If I don’t pay my taxes
The IRS might come
and take my house and car away
And I’d become a bum.
I fret and moan and lie awake
And wonder what to do–
It seems like what we have here, folks,
Is an old Catch-22.

So, if you’ve paid your taxes
And paid them right on time,
You’ve never even cheated
You coughed up every dime–
Just think where all your money goes
Straight over to Iraq
To kill folks just like you and me–