Jail Those Generals

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Golden Slippers

O those Burmese generalsWho have jailed away
Aung San Sou Kyi
Till some future day
And recruited children
to the soldiers way
I wanna see the UN
Do the right thing
O the label, ‘tyrants,’
Fits these Burmese generals
Rape and killing, torture too
We’ve got to stop it, me and you
O the million homeless
Refugees from villages
Forty years is way too long
For this to be going on!
2) O these Burmese generals
are just plain crooks
Don’t seem to care
About how things look
Never fit to lead
Anyone at all
Gotta take away the country
From these bad guys
3)Even one child soldier
Is too many, dear
But we’re talking thousands
And it’s still not clear
Why the UN”s failing
To stop the rise
of these sad child armies
There in Burma!