Jazzy Introduction Song

The minute we walked in the joint (2 beats of tambourine)
You could tell we were the Raging Grannies
A whole lot of trouble
Not gorgeous
Not refined
But we are going to tell you what is on our mind
So let us get right to the point (2 beats of tambourine)
We refuse to stand for many things we see (3 beats)
Let’s make a big fuss (4 beats)
Spend a little time with us (softly)
How’d you like to proTEST, TEST, Test
‘Bout our world in a MESS, MESS, MESS
Come and raise your a-ware-ness
Get a rise out of (Pause) CSIS
So why don’t you lend your support? (2 beats)
Get on out…connect with your MP
Hey there Sisters, (4 beats)
Spend a little time with me (softly)

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