Knittin’ in Pink

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: RochesterSoFlo
Tune: Home on the Range

[I wrote this song as I sat down to knit a few pink squares for the CodePink cozy that will be displayed on the White House fence this coming Mother’s Day. Women from all over the world will contribute squares that, when bound together, will read: “We will not raise our children to kill another mother’s child.” ]
My knees they don’t bend,
And I must wear Depends,
And my boobs they are sagging, it’s true,
But I’m not in a snit
‘Cause I still can knit
And help CODEPINK to do what they do.


I’m knittin’ in pink
‘ Cause I want the whole world to know
That I stand with CODEPINK
To say war, it just stinks,
And those greedy war mongers must go!

We women don’t shirk,
We just sit down and work
With compassion and needles and wool.
We can end all the wars
And that’s worth knittin’ for,
So let’s stop all this military bull!


Now, quick as a wink,
Hang that cozy so pink
Where everyone worldwide can see
Mothers don’t raise their sons
To kill anyone!
Mother’s Day is a day meant for peace.