La La La La Greed Goes Oo!

Lyrics by: Lee Stanfield
Gaggle: Tucson
Tune: Tune of “Ob-la-di, O-la-da, Life Goes On”
Date Written or Updated: 07/14/19

Capitalism  has reduced everything

to no more than simple corporate bling.

The world is now entirely run by demagogues

and they are all interested in only one thing.

                        Money here, money there…

                        Greed goes o-o-on!

                        La la la la Greed goes on!

Fossil fuels are creating a Hell on Earth!

But corporate interests really do not care!

So long as corporate shares increase in daily worth

they will keep drillin’, and scrapin’ the planet bare!

                        Profit here, profit there…

                        Greed goes on!

                        La la la la Greed goes on!

Plants and animals are dying everywhere!

The greedy rich don’t get it that we’re linked.

If they don’t wise up there will be one thing they’ll share…

Just like us they all will soon become extinct!

                        Denial here, denial there…

                        in the end

(very slow)->   La la la we’ll all be gone!