Legislative Mice


(tune of “Three Blind Mice”) By Lee for Tucson gaggle 05/01/18  (starting note = middle C sharp)

Le-gis-la-tive mice

Le-gis-la-tive mice


See how they run!

See how they run!


They all run af-ter the gov-er-nor.

Like him they are rotten down to the core.

Koch money has bought them off long before.

                        Legislative mice

for sale at the right price!


                        See how they run!

                        See how they run!


They’re only in town for the Koch bro-thers.

When teach-ers and par-ents and all oth-ers

show up demanding they do what is right

they’re out of sight!

They’re out of sight!


They have no shame!

They have no shame!


                        Gov-er-nor Doo-zy is lead-ing the pack.

His math-e-ma-tics have no bas-is in fact.

                        Par-tial so-lu-tions in his new act

                        will not last!

                        Will not last!


                        We need cures

                        Not fake lures


Our teach-ers are fight-ing through thick and thin

They’re fight-ing for ev‘-ryone… not just them.

They’re fight-ing for our whole school sys-tem!

Stand with them!

(speak this)–> We ARE them!


(shout this)–> AND WE MUST WIN !

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