Light Condom Song – Icky Stuff Around

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Buffalo Gals

There’s Icky Stuff Around
1) As I was walkin’ down the street
Down the street, down the street
Made sure I had shoes on my feet
There’s icky stuff around!
2) Wearing a condom’s like that too
Like that too, like that too
Be sure there’s one on You-Know-Who
There’s icky stuff around!
3) Like the reason for a hat on your head
Hat on your head, hat on your head
Keeps the hot sun, bird poop off your head
There’s icky stuff around !
4) Sex’s more fun when you don’t take risks
Hug and kiss but don’t take risks
Love is the best when you don’t take risks
There’s icky stuff around!